Enhance Focus and Presence With The 2 Minute Master Meditation

Have you ever experienced any of the following feelings?

  • Totally ‘frazzled’ and out of sorts?
  • Totally overwhelmed – too much to do too little time!
  • You’re caught off guard in the middle of a conversation and you lose your self-confidence!
  • Suddenly you get a nervous attack – You’re flushed, hot and anxious having to stand and or present to a group of peers.

Well if you have ever had any of these feelings you may have lost your center, your emotional balance, you sense of presence and personal power.

How would you like to recoup your mental emotional balance quickly and smoothly and pull yourself back to your calm still center? Or pull yourself back into present time instantly…

Here’s a 2 minute meditation that can be used to do just that – help you bring yourself back into present time in any situation. It will help you recapture the ‘moment of now’ quickly by bringing the brain into a state that neuroscientists call ‘neural coherence': a condition where every part of you is working together and aligned.

I’ve taught it to leaders, managers, and everyone I coach and work with. And personally…I use it all the time and it was taught to me many years ago by my meditation teacher.

Please enjoy it, practice it, and remember to remember to use it whenever you’re feeling that you’re losing your balance, your center, your sense of yourself……

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