The results have been outstanding

We, at American Savings Bank, have used the training and support services of Élan Enterprises for over thirteen years. The results have been outstanding. Through Élan’s training programs our Executive committee and Managers have learned to empower their front-line teams, managed change in a creative and enterprising way, and deal with projects in a timely manner. They’ve also improved their communication with peers, staff and our customers.

As a result of their work, we have chosen to create an ASB Learning Institute for management and staff. Trinidad Hunt of Élan Enterprises has personally trained all trainers who teach in this in-house learning institute. As a result the team is now totally cohesive, extremely professional, and highly motivated.

We have also licensed Élan’s programs and produced them as part of this learning institute. Each time our trainers teach one of these programs our department receives many positive acknowledgments from the participants. Learning has become a way of life for American Savings Bank.

Beryl Hamabata
Assistant Vice President
Training & Development Manager
American Savings Bank

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