The Power of Questions

Square9qCould questions be more powerful than answers? Is it possible that there are questions powerful enough to change the course of our lives forever? Are there questions that can shape or reshape our destiny?

I have found that the asking of potent questions is like the ‘Thomas Edison Attitude’. Ask not once, but ask until the answer reveals itself – even if it takes a thousand times. By using the Thomas Edison Attitude certain questions have transformed me over the years.

At some point, I discovered that there is a gap between a question and its answer or answers and I had to be willing to enter that gap. I had to allow the tension (that arises between the question and its answer) to pull me forward towards a newly emerging me.

Below are some of the questions that I still live with and I invite you to join me in the process.

  • How can I live my life in a way that it means more than a flash of momentary physical existence ?
  • How can I more fully express my potential in a way that contributes to the lives of all those around me?
  • What are my core values?
    • Is my behavior in alignment with my values?
    • Where are there gaps?
    • What do I need to do to close the gaps?


I invite you to get a little notebook and enter the answers to these questions. Become a journalist, an archeologist on a dig, or a scientist exploring the wonder of your own life. Then track the answers to these questions in your log book with date and time of your entry.

Reflect and revisit these questions daily or whenever you can, and add to your log. (My little log book is on the right. The saying in the center reads, “Think of the world you carry within you.” By Rainer Maria Rilke)

Make it easy! Make it fun! Make it fast! Five minutes a day will deliver a positive transformation in your life! 

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