Release the Past – Fast!

So how do you go beyond the oyster glue? How do you begin to let go of the past – quickly, easily, and with grace and dignity? How do we begin to create a new future that is not based on a reaction to the past?

Most people do one of 3 or 4 things:

  1. Say it doesn’t exist. Go into avoidance, ignore it or sweep it under the carpet.
  2. Give up believing that things never change.
  3. Get upset, frustrated or angry when the old glue sticks.
  4. Rush in to fix it, change it or handle it.

In #1 and 2 above, the past does not disappear. It continues to rear its head in present situations. And it consistently shows up in various symptoms, manifestations or self-sabotaging results.

Self-sabotage usually occurs because of past beliefs or attitudes lying in the sub-conscious mind just below the surface of awareness. These sub-conscious beliefs or attitudes drive our behavior (remember Dr. George Pratt’s flea on the back of the elephant)

In #3 and 4 above. Resistance creates persistence!

Try this: place your hands together in front of you as if in prayer. Then push your hands against each other as hard as you can. The resistance is obvious! Now drop your left hand. As you let go with the left hand notice that the right hand has no resistance. If you didn’t stop your right hand, it would move on rapidly past the stuck point.

So there must be another way. We are not robots, programmed by our past. We are human beings and we can choose to change. So how do we do this?

Raise your sights. Look beyond the stuck moment. Create a vision that makes the situation obsolete by asking a few simple yet powerful questions:

  • What would my life look like if this situation did not exist?
  • How would I behave if my conscious mind was the driver of my behavior?
  • What actions would I take if I (my conscious mind) were in command of myself?
  • If I knew I could not fail, how would I like it to be in the future?

thoughtsthings3I always write my answers or mind map them on paper and I suggest you do the same. As you write the answers to these questions, it is imprinting the new vision more deeply in the subconscious mind. This starts the process by etching the new reality deep in the neural networks of your brain.

Then, notice if old behaviors come up again. Take a deep breath – reframe your experience (I’m in process now) and let it go!

In summation – you are not stuck with your past. Remember to remember who you are. You are a remarkable being with the power to create a future of your own choosing. There is a purpose for your life and the more you move beyond your past, the more you will fulfill that life purpose. Let the questions lead you there.

And let us know how you’re doing! I love the stories you’re sharing. Your lives make a real difference and I so enjoy it when you share your journey!

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