IQ EQ SQ Curriculum

We have used this program with our ninth grade students for two years, and I have been very impressed by the quality and relevance of the lessons and resource materials.

At Farrington we have many students who come from poor families and for whom English is not their first language. We struggle every year to find ways to give these youngsters hope and a belief in their own abilities to accomplish their dreams. When students apply your curriculum to their lives they find they have power over the blocks and barriers that challenge them. We find children exposed to the curriculum are more accepting of individual differences and that there are few incidents of classroom disruptions. As a result our environment is both physically and emotionally safer for students.

Another benefit of the curriculum is the opportunity it offers teachers to reflect upon the curriculum as it might relate to their own understanding and growth. While the materials are designed with the adolescent in mind, the truths inherent in the principles speak to us all.

It is without any qualifications that I offer my full endorsement to this meaningful curriculum.

Catherine Payne

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