Developing successful and productive members of society

I have had the opportunity of working with elementary and intermediate students for the last ten years. One thing I realized is that today’s students cannot be taught in the traditional lecture and rote memorization format. What has worked for me are lessons based on involvement and participation. They respond to visuals and hands-on experiences instead of just listening and recalling. Students must see the relevancy and relationship to their own life and experiences. The program offers me the resources, activities and materials that allow me to teach the methods that I believe work for students.

I strongly recommend this curriculum for all teachers and students. It teaches the fundamental lessons of life and about being a human being. The program provides models and tools to positively deal with issues and problems that young people encounter daily. It helps students to develop positive self-esteem and worth. These lessons, in addition to high expectations and standards, will provide our next generation with the knowledge and understanding of how to be successful and productive members of society. I truly hope that you will enjoy and have as much success as my students and I have had with Trinidad Hunt’s programs. ~ Link J. Llewellyn – Special Motivation Teacher

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