Breaking Out of The World Game bullying intervention and prevention

Our school has approximately 2500 students and over 300 faculty and staff. We are now in the second year of the Breaking Out of The World Game program and our trainer team has been most impressed by the relevance of the material. The lessons do not just handle the verbal and behavioral symptoms of bullying. Instead the lessons address the underlying causes, attacking it at the root.

Furthermore, we have many students who come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. These students often experience behavioral challenges as they are not fully equipped with the appropriate social and emotional skills to relate with their peers and teachers in a positive way. Using the latest educational methodologies, Breaking Out of The World Game helps students change behavior in a positive way.

Students are now more considerate, more supportive and more empathetic to the feelings and needs of their peers and teachers. As a result our environment is physically, emotionally and socially safer for the students.

We started the program in February. In the final 4 months of school we trained only the senior class. I think the statistics speak for themselves:

  • That year we had 146 referrals.
  • The following year, we trained the 9th and 11th grade classes. That year there were 93 referrals, reflecting a 37% decrease in referrals.
  • During the first quarter of this year, we have had 11 suspensions, down 77% from the previous 2 years.

Another benefit of the program is that it supports the entire educational community, which includes faculty and staff, in making positive behavioral change. C. Payne – Principal

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