Your Birth Is Not Your Birth Right!

Whatever or wherever your birth, it is not your birthright! You were born to be far more than you are and to go farther and do more than anyone had ever conceived you to be capable of. We are remarkable beings with the power of free will.

We usually sense this every year when we make that New Year’s promise to ourselves. However, we often get caught in old habits, habits of thought that keep us on the treadmill of our old ways.

Scientists tell us that the average human being thinks approximately 50,000 to 65,000 thoughts a day and that very few of these thoughts are ever really new. In fact, they say, if you study your thoughts you’ll begin to notice that at least 95% of what you’re thinking today, you were thinking yesterday. If you continue to trace your thought patterns through time, you will notice that most of them have been recycled year after year ad infinitum.

Because our patterns of thought have seemingly been with us forever, and because we rarely study our thinking, our thought processes, for the most part, remain unconscious. Thought are things! These unconscious thought patterns control and direct our behavior. That is why old habits can usurp your goals for change.

Have you kept the flame of your New Year’s Resolution burning or is only an ember of the fire left. It’s January! There is still time to recommit!

Remember to remember that your life circumstances do not determine your life: YOU DO! We are great beings bound on a mighty adventure, the adventure of our lives. Remember that the only decision that matters is the one you make right now! Then enjoy the journey.

I am bound on this great journey with you. So all of this is also a reminder to myself! My own resolution was to take one more step in improving my listening. I vowed to stop the mental chatter, still my mind and be fully present when I’m being with someone.

Because listening isn’t a product. It can’t be done and then ticked off. It’s an ongoing process so every time I’m in an interaction, I have to remind myself to be still, let go of my old perceptions and just be with the person.

And I have to remember that the only moment that counts is the one we are in right now and the only important decision is the next one we make!

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