Everyone Has Their Own Olympic Events

  1. Did you make any New Year Resolutions?
  2. Did you promise yourself anything this year?
  3. Have you ever made any promises in years past?
  4. Have you ever petered out or even forgotten your goals along the way?

It is good to remember that we are deciding beings! We shape our world by the decisions we make daily.

Every event starts now and every decision that counts is the one you make at this very minute. What is vital to your success is the decision you make at this very moment for every moment creates the next.

  • Do I put on my running shoes or not?
  • Do I take another bite of that chocolate cake or stop now?
  • Do I go to the gym right now or not?
  • Do I get up early this morning or take another 10 minutes in bed?
  • Am I going to get frustrated about this or am I willing to breathe and let it go?
  • Do I get on the bike or miss a day of biking?
  • Do I go to yoga class tonight or skip it?
  • Do I pick up that rubbish on the sidewalk (even though I didn’t drop it there) or do I pretend I didn’t see it?

Every new year I am reminded of the Olympics and the Olympic Spirit – the mind set of excellence, stamina and commitment. I am inspired annually because of my New Years Resolutions and what it takes to fulfill them.

All Olympiad dreams and all New Years Resolutions are written in the back story between the main events. It is what the Olympic champion does on the day when he or she isn’t in the mood to practice and they get up and go to practice anyway.

Every time I think of the Olympiads I am reminded of their commitment. It stands as a personal message to me and to all of us who are willing to pay attention. Every athlete’s story highlights my own. The highs and lows, the pitfalls and pinnacles.

Moods and mindsets will rise and fall, come and go, but it is what you do every day that writes the script for a long term commitment and ultimate success.

And I thank the athletes of the Olympics for the stunning reminder that you and I am are not alone in our quest. We may  have different goals and objectives, but underneath it all we are human beings attaining to success, satisfaction and happiness in our own areas of endeavor.

Let us learn from our Olympiad brothers and sisters. Remain committed! Take one step at a time and make the daily decisions that will carry you through to your objective!


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