The Art of Inner Happiness

How do we stay centered so that we can continue to stay on purpose regardless of the changes going on around us?

How do we begin to transcend the external ebb and flow of daily life? How do we find inner stability in an environment of constant change? How do we rise above the pull of the tide or the ups and downs of our emotions so that we can achieve our goals and dreams?

The secret lies in our attention. Attention is like the flow of electrical energy through a light bulb. Or to put it another way…

Attention is energy. And where our attention goes, our energy flows.

Think of yourself as a light bulb. By focusing your attention within, you can increase the electrical current or voltage to this light.

Further, by taking our attention off the outer world and focusing our attention on our inner world, we start to rise above the ebb and flow, the ups and downs of life. Even more importantly, we start to rise above the ups and downs of our emotions.

What we focus our attention on expands.

Expand the light!

Here is a simple activity that will expand the light and raise your energy. At this energetic level, negative thoughts and feelings can’t pull you or have an affect on you.

  1. Imagine a golden ball of light in the center of your chest at about the heart level.
  2. Take a deep breath and as you do imagine the breath increasing the electrical flow to the golden ball.
  3. With every breath, expand the inner light until it fills your chest with it’s glow.
  4. Imagine that glow getting brighter with every breath.
  5. Steady your attention on the inner world while you take action in the outer world.

Remember to remember to practice this as often as you can during the day. Make a game of it! Ask yourself, “Where is my attention now?” Then, refocus and turn up your inner light.

Let your light permeate the atmosphere and notice that as you do, you begin to attract new and happier more fulfilling circumstances.

A perfect compliment to focusing your inner light is my music CD Daybreak and my centering CD, New Beginnings. One features baroque music to enhance learning and creativity, and the other includes a guided meditation to assist you in focusing your attention.

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