Make Your Own Path

Have you ever forgotten who you really are? Have you ever gotten into the hum drum of daily life and forgotten to rise above this plane to capture the view from above?

Have you ever hit an obstacle and had life suddenly become all about that obstacle?

Have you ever gotten stopped by any block or barrier and forgotten to take the eagle’s view?

Most of us have, at one time or another, gone through amnesia of this kind forgetting who we are and why we’re here. Actually, it’s more likely that most of us have gone through moments of awakening and long periods of amnesia!

I don’t know about you, but I live with the mantra: Remember to remember who you are! These words remind me that I am a daughter of the great universe and that I am bound on a mighty adventure! This reminder always fuels my fire, ignites my passion and keeps my energy high and focused!

Maybe it’s time to expand that conversation. Maybe it’s time for all of us to remind each other and help each other awaken from the dream.

Remember to remember who we really are! Your life is a journey of epic proportions, an adventure designed for you and you alone and only you can live it! It can be likened to Homer’s incredible Odyssey or even Magellan’s great voyage.

The blocks, the obstacles, the challenges along the way are there to support you. Every incident we run into, every person we meet, every situation we encounter is put in our path to help reveal who we really are.

And here is the miracle of it all. It is a plan devised by the great scheme of things to fulfill your life purpose, goals and dreams while at the same time clearing your sub-conscious mental wanderings. It is a schemata of breadth and depth that takes into account every single thought, longing, inspiration, judgment, attitude, attraction and repulsion.

And out of this combination of energetic forces it drafted for you the perfect life. It is a life that supports you in fulfilling your life’s purpose  while becoming a more authentic compassionate human being.

Observe the signs and signals. For although there is no trail to show you where to go and although you will have to make your own path, swath your own route, and design your own destiny. There are markers and signposts left by those who went before.

Trust life!
Enjoy the journey! 
Listen to the whisperings of the universe!
And remember that your life is a divine adventure designed for you alone!

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