The Great Journey

Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a life time is being who you are.” Every person is given some special talent either of mind or heart or a distinctive way.

Gifts and talents are never given for personal or selfish purposes. Rather they are given to each soul for the good of the tribe (as the American Indians would say).

The hero is one who rises up out of his or her lower nature – fears, inadequacies, self-doubts, the ‘I’m not enough’ syndrome (not good enough, tall enough, pretty enough, smart enough, handsome enough). The hero must transcend the ‘not enoughs’ and the –  ‘I must be crazy because no one else is getting this call or hearing this’.

Now here’s the rub, as Shakespeare would say… You have to develop your gifts as you go. You have to be willing to answer the call and go on the journey without your gifts fully developed.

You can’t sit back and perfect your talents or hone your metaphorical sword until it’s polished and sharp. You can’t refine your skills until they are superb… and then set out on the journey. You have to sharpen your sword (gifts and talents)  on the run. You go into battle, metaphorically of course, and develop the skills and competencies as you go.

Just show up and trust the process. Then ask for help along the way.

When you answer the call and enter the journey feeling not fully equipped, you grow with the journey. In fact, the journey itself shapes you. You learn as you go and discover the hero within. As the journey unfolds, so do you.

The hero then discovers that he or she is never alone. Unseen forces align to help us along the way. People come in or a turn of events shift the conditions in one’s favor. But W. N. Murray said it far more eloquently than I ever could. In talking about making the first expedition that reached the top of Everest, Murray said this:

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