Ramp it Up!!!

You are not what you appear to be. You aren’t even who your friends and family think you are. If you were, you’d be stuck in the past: yesterdays images replaying today like a movie you’ve experienced before.

Instead, consider this: you are a hero in the making. Let me define what I mean by this. To me a hero is anyone who lives the ordinary life in an extra-ordinary way. We’ve all heard that before. But I don’t mean that as some superficial flippant phrase.

I mean it from the depths of my heart. It is the intention to live on the edge of yourself out where the unexplored you exists. It is the willingness to give life to something not yet born in yourself. It is the willingness to discover a new part of yourself every single day.

It is a whole hearted willingness to explore and stretch the preconceived mental and emotional boundaries that I have held for myself. Its the willingness to reignite the inner fire every day in order to become a better human being than I was yesterday.

Let me share about my dear friend Lovell Harris. Lovell was one of the young men that I mentored many years ago in my career. Lovell was born in Saint Louis Missouri and he was raised in the projects. At that time the projects in St. Louis Missouri were one square mile with 30,000 people living in tenement buildings.

Lovell lived in one of these tenement apartments. He was one of six boys. They lived with their mother, who was the only working adult in the family, her mother and his alcoholic father. I don’t intend to share the whole story with you as it is in my book GPS for Success.

But the bottom line is this. Lovell said, “I had to decide that I wasn’t just a black boy from the projects with an alcoholic father who beat me and called me stupid whenever he was drunk.”

Lovell was clear that his birth was not his birthright. It was not what he was born to be. He refused to be conditioned, for the rest of his life, by his early years. He went on to a remarkable career as a speaker and trainer and now runs 3 companies of his own.

So where are the boundaries? Where are the limits? Who sets them? And who said so? You know who said so: the neural pathways in your brain that were laid years ago based on the opinions you accepted about yourself. These have now become habit. Don’t let your habits hold you prisoner! Don’t let your past determine your future!

Remember to remember who you are. You are not your habits. You do not have to act them out anymore. Do something different.

  • You think you’re shy? Reach out and say hello to someone. Don’t think about it. Do it now.
  • You think of yourself as sophisticated? Do something silly. Laugh at yourself.
  • You’re afraid to speak up? Speak up anyway.
  • You want to interview for a new job and you think you’ll fail? Do the interview for the job anyway. Don’t think failure is about you. Failure is how we learn. You’ll do a better interview when the next opportunity comes up.

This is Core Training for the Brain at it’s optimum. It’s not just about becoming more positive. It’s about deciding who you want to be and then doing what you need to do to become that way.

Every new day provides a new opportunity. Stretch and transform yourself a little bit every day until one day you no longer recognize the you that you used to be. You have become the you that you wanted to be and maybe even more!

Have fun. Be joyful. Be happy. Give thanks, for life is good and so are you!

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