Fill Your Own Tank!

Who fuels your inspiration? Who lights your fire every morning and gets you going? Who knows your purpose and your passion?

It’s you and you alone who hold the key to your motivation and inspiration. The success and satisfaction we seek in our lives is in our own hands.

No one else can fuel your fire. No one else can get you inspired and charged up in the morning. Know one else knows your life purpose or the thing that drives your passion. You are the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega of your own drive, inspiration, motivation, get up and go…

That is not to say that you are alone. We are all connected to something greater than ourselves. Call it God, call it Spirit, or Universal Mind. You can even call it the Great Mystery or, as Quantum physicist David Bohm calls it, the Implicate Order.

In any case, regardless of the name you give it, it is the deeper cause, the undivided wholeness, behind the seemingly random nature of all life. It is the source beneath the surface or, as the American Indians called it, the web that connects all living things to one another.

We are born connected. And we remain connected throughout our lives. So let’s go back to the original question – Who fuels your inspiration or lights your fire? Of course you do… yet the caveat is that you are not alone!

Ask for help. Ask for guidance and inspiration. Ask for answers and solutions to your problems. Ask to get up in the morning fully charged, inspired and positive ready to embrace the day! As you send out your internal request, believe that the Implicate Order received your desire or intention and is acting on it now.

  1. At night as you are lying in bed just before falling asleep, visualize yourself getting up in the morning full of energy and ready to embrace your day.
  2. Talk to your mind and tell it that you will sleep deeply and rise with vigor and energy.
  3. Then in the morning if your first thought is a ‘tired thought’ delete it. And replace it with a vigorous thought of “Yea, another day!”

Then get up and use the ‘act as if ‘ principle of Aristotle. Act as if it is already done! Get up and feel charged up with energy. Have a great day. You deserve it!

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