Developing the Olympiad Mind Set

I am on the road again. I just arrived in Melbourne and I’m filled with the crazed Olympic fever. Every chance I get I search out the nearest TV only to sit riveted to the screen watching our world’s finest athletes compete in stellar form.

For as long as I can remember, the games have captured my imagination. I’m not alone in this as the Olympics have long inspired the imagination of millions of other people just like me.

I watched the opening evening in Honolulu before leaving for Australia. And as the music crescendoed and the screen flashed the words, London 2012, I thought of the years leading up to this night. For the participating athletes, everything that got them to this moment wasn’t done in the lights with the hoopla and magic that I was watching on the screen.

The years prior to the Summer Olympics were written in the muscles and sinews, the hearts and minds of the men and women that made it to the event. The mental, emotional, physical and spiritual discipline that these Olympiads exhibited over the years opened the door for their entrance to the coming ten days.

These men and women represent the best and finest in personal mastery. They stand as examples of the possibility that our lives hold if are willing to stay on our purpose, develop our  talents and strive to realize our true potential in any given arena.

You and I may not be athletes. But we are here on Earth for a reason. We were each given gifts and talents and we have a choice as to how much we develop those talents.

The athletic training is multidimensional: body, mind and soul. But is it any less for ourselves? To be successful, our level of mastery must include the core training for our brain, mental and physical stamina as well as inspired action.

Successful people are willing to do what others of lesser success were unwilling to do. Successful people are willing to go what others of lesser success were unwilling to go. Successful people are willing to give what others of lesser success were unwilling to give. They are willing to get up earlier, work longer and  push themselves harder. They are willing to give more of themselves to the game, whatever their ‘game’ may be.

And maybe that is the fascination so many of us hold with the Olympics. It represents our highest and finest  hopes for ourselves. It represents what we know at some subliminal level that we’re capable of if we give it all we have. It is this Olympiad Spirit that is available in each of us that I honor today.

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