Heroes Who Inspire!

I am always thrilled and amazed at some of the wonderful people in our world. I gain strength and inspiration from so many men and women who are now, or have in the past, made a contribution to the world.

It is through the living of their lives and the overcoming of the challenges they face or have faced that I am reminded of the hero that lives in me.

I came upon this little piece of video a few days ago and it totally touched my heart and inspired my soul. It is a short interview with Bill Clinton about his friend Nelson Mandela.

Clinton tells a story of how the two would connect by phone over the years when they were in office. He said that if the call weren’t to late at night, Nelson Mandela would ask to talk with Chelsea. And the conversation that he had with her always centered around her. Clinton said of this, “He was a person first,” before he was head of state.

Clinton goes on to share what he learned from Mandela over the years. I love learning from the master teachers and this little snapshot into Mandela the man is food for the soul!

But rather then tell you about it, I’d like to share the clip with you. Remember to remember who you are is the message that whispers here beneath the lines. Click to enjoy.

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