Embrace Your Limitations

Thoughts are things! And the biggest barrier to manifesting the things that we desire, is the inner critic or self-judgment. Planet Earth is a giant classroom. As human beings, we weren’t made perfect. The planetary training is a training in self-growth.

It could be said that we are perfect in our imperfections. If we embrace our imperfections, we accept ourselves just the way we are and the way we are not.

There is something truly wonderful in this. Thoughts turn into things! And because thought energy is extremely powerful. It both turns into things and attracts things to us.

To take this one step further, the thought energy of  resistance causes persistence. Said another way, ‘what we resist persists’. If we resist our limitations and imperfections, we get more of them.

If we embrace ourselves with all our foibles and release our resistance. Then the ‘Law of Allowing’ kicks in. The law of allowing says that when we stop resisting and accept what is, blocked energy begins to flow.

Stop self-criticism and  self-judgment. Accept yourself just the way you are and the way you are not. Let yourself be okay with yourself and energy will start to flow.

For myself, everything shifted the day I accepted myself just the way I am. It was my personal watershed event!

Einstein said, “The only question pertinent to mankind is, ‘IS THE UNIVERSE FRIENDLY?’ 

Well I decided that the universe is friendly and that I am loved by some force greater than myself. If I am loved by (The Force), then how dare I not love myself?

Go on a one day self-judgment fast:

  1. Breathe – Be aware of your breath.Practice conscious breathing during the course of the day.(This changes the firing of the neurons in the brain and anchors a moment of self-awareness.)
  2. Pay attention to your attention. Ask yourself, ‘where is my attention now?’
  3. In these moments of conscious awareness, embrace everything that is happening in that moment. Accept the moment and yourself in that moment, just as it is without adding your opinions or judgment to it.

Remember to remember – You are loved! And as you do, everything changes forever. Accepting that you are loved makes the heart happy and a happy heart causes the energy of life to flow again attracting all good things to you.


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