Hear and Heart – One Letter Apart

We listen all day long… to our peers, friends, family, co-workers, children, partner. But do we really HEAR what they are saying?

The ability to listen and the ability to really hear are two different things. One is mechanical and the other is an art form.

I have been a student of listening for over thirty years now. My journey with my mentor has been a never ending journey of awakening and discovery. Listening is the most profound master teacher that I have ever studied under.

I have had a few great master teachers in my life time! But not one with the power to carry me through  multidimensional levels of awareness in a moment by moment process. My Listening Mentor wears a coat of many colors and just when I think that I have become my own master, my mentor morphs, showing me a depth I never saw before.

The very first lesson that my master teacher shared with me is that HEAR and HEART are only one letter apart. So the first teaching I received at the feet of my master teacher was, “To really hear what is being said you must connect with heart!”

Action Step – try this over the next week:

  1. Whenever you are in a listening situation during the coming week, imagine opening a channel from your heart to your head. 
  2. Be aware of your heart and your hearts’ capacity to “hear” or feel what is being said.
  3. Be aware of your heart as you listen and notice what if you discover. Without judgment or opinions, just listen from your heart and notice what comes up.

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