Thoughts Turn Into Things

Are you working hard yet not achieving the level of success that you desire? Do your dreams and goals sometimes seem elusive or just beyond reach? Do you wish you could BE more, DO more or HAVE more?

Our brain is amazing! In fact, neuroscientists tell us that the human brain is the most powerful processor and solution generator on the planet.  We now know that human intention can and does influence the material world in a significant way.

Yet herein is the challenge that we all face. We affect the world around us whether we are consciously intending to or not.

In fact, our lives are a mirror of our thoughts. What do you spend the majority of you time thinking about? What are the repetitive patterns of thought that float through your mind on a daily basis?

Thoughts are things. It has been said, as it is within, so it is on the outside. Our thoughts and attitude shape our reality all day long.

Here’s an experiment. Imagine that you are a scientist and that your life is your laboratory for learning. Then pick an hour during your day. Rather than choosing an hour when its quiet or restful, make it a normal hour during your busy work schedule.

And just for that one-hour, become a witness to your thoughts. Observe them and ask yourself the following:

  • Is this (a specific) thought or a repetitive thought?
  • Approximately how many thoughts went through in that hour of observation?
  • Were most of them positive or negative?
  • Then make a note of what you discovered during that one hour.

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