Symptoms, Signs and Signals

It’s been a long day for me traveling, speaking, and teaching.

But it’s been a far longer day for the parents of the two young people in the Ohio shooting that lost their fight for life today.

I cannot imagine the agony of the longest prayer and deepest asking a heart can bear that a parent would do at the bedside of their child.

I never had children of my own. But to have a child, to dream of that child growing up, to send my child to school one day and then meet the doctor at the hospital in a fight for the life of my beloved son or daughter and feel the powerlessness that they must have felt…

To not be able to stop the hands of time as they slowly pulled my child from my arms and watch in unimaginable horror as my child slipped through the veil beyond my reach… Is beyond where my heart and mind can go.

I ask myself, “How could we not have seen it coming?” “Didn’t anyone notice something, anything that might have signaled that something was wrong – something was out of kilter?”

We all need to be better at reading the symptoms, signs and signals. They were there. It’s time to take a stand.

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