Another Tragedy With Our Children

One  more time a tragedy has hit our nations schools. The shooting of 5 students by A young boy who had been bullied makes every mother’s heart break for the loss.

This is a tragedy of major proportions…for the children who were shot, for the child who will not see the light of another day on Earth, and for the student who saw this as the only means  of expression.

My heart cries out, “Could this tragedy have been prevented?”

We need to get to the root of issue. Bullying is not an isolated incident! It doesn’t happen one time and cause this kind of a reaction.

Up until now, I said that, ‘Breaking Out of the World Game’ (our anti-bullying program) is an intervention program. Maybe our intervention program needs to be called a prevention program and taught as part of the required curriculum in every school.

Let me say this in another way. Is it time to make an anti-bullying program a prerequisite in every school? If we have come to this, let’s admit it and take a stand as parents and concerned community members. Let’s not lose one more child to our paralysis. Let us act on behalf of every family in America.

It starts with the little abrasive things that we do and say to each other and builds up on daily. If not curbed it turns into teasing and taunting and mental and emotional abuse.

We cannot turn our backs any longer. It is you and I as adults who are on trial here.

I am asking for other voices… your voice to join the call. This is dedicated to our children and our children’s children that they may grow up to live a full life.

My prayers go out to the mother’s and families involved. But are we not all involved? Are we not of this nation and this world? Let the sacrifices stop. For every sacrifice belongs to us if we do not take a stand.


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