Weeding My Mental Garden

This is the year of opportunity for all of us. For myself, I’m choosing to make a quantum leap in consciousness. I have laid the groundwork for a quantum jump for some time now.  A significant leap of transformation is available based on a firm foundation of the fundamentals.  I have been on the path of positive change for more than 35 years now. Yet I have noticed that weeds still crop up in my mental garden.

These are little petty indignations, irritations, worry, fear, criticisms and even judgments that have not been fully uprooted. True, I stop them quite quickly when they arise. But I find that their roots are hidden from plain view yet deeply entrenched in my mental soil. They are like little insidious habits of thought that recycle periodically. They seem to catch me unaware from behind and then I become the effect of the emotion it creates.

I have chosen this year to be a year of conscious intention and choice. I am choosing to weed the garden of my mind again! This time my intention is to eradicate the roots of any negative thinking.

I know it’s a mighty intention and will require a a huge leap in self-awareness. I will need to be a sentinel – standing guard at the gate of my own consciousness, observing my every thought as I am thinking it.

In my book, The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth -An Adventure for the Soul- the biggest challenge the young protagonists face is how to stay conscious on Earth. They would vow to remain aware and conscious yet every time they entered Earth’s Atmosphere in a physical body their light would dim. They would forget to remember their vow.

Now I feel like the protagonist in my own book – choosing to remember to remember to stay awake. It’s a challenge, but I’m excited about it.

Now I’m not saying that I’ve stopped having fun. I’m still enjoying life, swimming, going to movies, getting together with friends – playing as well as working. The difference is that I’m now wanting to uproot all of the lower negative thoughts that float in and take control of my mind and my emotions periodically .

So far, I’ve forgotten to remember at least 13 times since commitment day on January 1st. I caught the slippery thoughts quickly, stopping them before they turned into an emotion. But I am resolute, inspired and committed to the game!

So here is my 30 day game plan:

  1. Ten minutes of meditation in the morning – I’ve shortened it a bit for expediency sake.
  2. Two minute visualization and positive mental activation daily.
  3. Stay alert and aware to my thoughts and emotions during the day.
  4. Two minute reflection in the evening in which I review, renew, rewrite and re-envision any event or thought that caught me unaware and in a negative frame of mind.

I’ll be reporting periodically on how I’m doing. BTW – I would love to have you join me and we’ll rock the world one person and one thought at a time!

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