The Attractor Factor

Since the ‘Thoughts Turn Into Things‘ blog, I’ve received so many comments on Facebook and personal emails that I thought I would follow up. Here are some further reflections on the power of a human being to create his or her own reality.

The key to your success lies within you. All you have to do is manage your mind (or your loose canon thoughts). Then train your brain. Finally, harvest the fruits of your creation. You are harvesting the fruits of your creation anyway. Your mind is the attractor factor. Your past repetitive thoughts have become the reality you’re living right now.

If you want to change your reality:

  1. Wake up and stay awake!
  2. Start to observe your recurrent thoughts and thought patterns.
  3. If you find yourself circling back on some of the old negatives:
    • Freeze frame
    • Take a deep breath
    • Change that thought
    • Repeat the powerful positive mantra and energize with positive emotions of gratitude (as recommended in my last post).
  4. Remember to remember to do this every time you catch yourself thinking a negative thought.

Your miraculous brain is under your command! The more you train your brain and manage your mind by focusing on your positive powerful mantra of choice, the more you accelerate the reformatting process. Your brain will begin to delete any old unused pathways and the new neural pathways that you embed will start to take over.

You mind has then become
a positive attractor factor
in your universe!



we create our own reality.

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