Thank You, Steven Jobs

One of the great geniuses, one of the game changers on the planet, one of the mentors & ‘magicians’ who transformed every aspect of our lives has left this world.

I have no speech, no written words. I haven’t got the ability to translate my feelings into words. I just personally want to thank the man who changed my life in a very personal and profound way.

In 1984, the year of the first Apple computer, my dad sent me a first generation Mac. I was living and working In Reno, Nevada. When this large package arrived on my door step, I didn’t know what it was or what to do with it.

In fact, I opened it and left it standing in the middle of my living room floor for almost two weeks. I remember pacing, looking down at it sitting there in it’s plastic wrapping on the floor, wondering what I would ever do with such a thing.

Periodically, dad would call and ask me how I liked the gift he sent. “It’s a computer,” he said. “plug it in. Use it. You’ll love it.”

I finally took it from its wrapping one day and started to touch it, slowly at first, afraid that it would break. But soon, I forgot the fear and it magnetized me with its wonder.

I have written 4 books on the Mac since that time, an entire K-12 curriculum, stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, and coauthored many books with such men as Steven Covey and Jack Canfield. Steve Jobs released the creativity in so many of us around the globe.

All I can say is thank you, Steven Jobs. Every Job you came to do has been done. You have transformed the lives of all of us and the world as a whole!

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