Shift This Moment & the Next Will Follow

Whenever I talk about the One Minute Meditation (see video here) people ask me to teach it. I was in Adelaide about seven weeks ago and I had approximately 100 people in the room. I happened to mention that I use the One Minute Meditation when I’m feeling stressed or I’m not on my game and it was a room stopper. The entire group responded affirmatively when I asked if they wanted to learn it.

It was pretty amazing. The room was in an active state and within one minute of ‘breath in – be still, breath out – let go’ the entire energetic field shifted. The feeling was palpable from high energy moving in all directions to a sense of stillness, presence and focus.

I have  since received a tremendous amount of feedback from these and others who are using the One Minute Meditation. Here’s what one person communicated…

“When I feel stressed or I’m beginning to feel edgy, I turn my attention inward for a moment, take a deep breath, and say the words you taught us – ‘be still, let go’. It’s amazing how quickly I can still my mind, reconnect with myself and shift into present time. Thanks for that. I would recommend it to everyone in these stressful times!”

So with all of this feedback and after much consideration, I have decided to share a few more of these short one or two minute meditations. These are One Minute Meditations that I use and they come from my private tool chest. Each fulfills a different purpose, but they will all strengthen your mental focus, enhance the energy of the heart and amp up the power of your intention.

Just as we are learning to do core training for the body, these short meditations are like core training for the heart and soul. Each meditation will help you shift your awareness, energize your presence in the moment and change all the moments that follow. 

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