Front Line Report: Stop Bullying Now!

For those of you who know my work, you are probably aware that I work in the corporate sector. Many years ago the parents in these organizations began asking me to train their children.

As a result, my business partner, Lynne Truair and I formed a non-profit company called World Youth Network International (WYN).

I wrote an extensive curriculum for K-12 on balancing intellectual, emotional and social competencies.

Today, this prevention program as well as our intervention programs are in over 500 schools internationally. Our intervention anti-bullying program is titled Breaking Out of the World Game.

This report came from Louise MacKay, a principal at St. Luke’s in Melbourne, AU. She and principal, John Faulkner, are certified trainers for the program in Melbourne.

‘I just felt that I had to share it with you…”This is the display I organized for our curriculum expo.  The year 5/6 children asked that Breaking Out of the World Game be displayed because it is very important for the younger children to learn it.The photos were all taken during St. Luke’s Program.  John and I start the Year 3/4 program on Monday at St Luke’s and Thursday at John’s school followed by a parent information afternoon for them.Just to let you know that we are still spreading the good news!!!’



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