Repetitive Thoughts Create Reality

Thoughts are things!! Every repetitive thought that we think eventually becomes reality.

Our brain is magnificent! In fact, neuro-scientists tell use that the human brain is the most powerful processor and solution generator on the planet.

We know that human intention can and does influence material and properties in a significant way. We are all equally powerful in our ability and our creative capacity to shape the world around us and to have a direct impact on our planet. We affect the world around us whether we are consciously intending to or not.

When we we utilize our heart and combine our thoughts with our feelings, scientists tell us that this energetic combination is more powerful than a radio transmission. With constant random thoughts and repetitive patterns of thoughts and feelings we are accidentally or unintentionally creating our reality all day long.

It is time to practice a higher heart wisdom and practice mind management.

This will allow us to direct our energies in a significant way so that we can consciously create a life of our choosing.

Remember to remember that you will rise to the level of the visions that you hold and the conversations you have with yourself. Consciously or unconsciously, your inner visions and your inner voice direct your reality. So lets be conscious!

  1. Envision the life you would like to have.
  2. Create a powerful positive present tense mantra that states that you already have it
  3. Repeat the mantra every morning, every evening and whenever you think of it.
  4. Energize it with gratitude that this new reality is happening now.
  5. Continue to do this every day and your world will begin to shift from so-so or even good, to sublime

Here are two simple examples:

  • I am so thankful and happy now that money is coming to me consistently and on an ever increasing basis from various sources.
  • I am ever grateful for my personal presence and energy in working with my team as I inspire them to achieve our team goals.

So there it is! Keep your heartfelt emotions and thoughts positive. Create  a powerful positive mantra for your success in an area (one at a time). Repeat the mantra as often as possible. Act as if it already is what you want it to be. “So be it as I speak it,” is the thought that activates and attracts the energy of success!

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