A Day Off in Canberra

Canberra, the capital of Australia, is one of the most delightful cities I have visited so far. Trisha Benson hosted us to a wonderful day off. We drove up to the mountain overlooking the city and then toured the city and visited Parliament. I came away in awe of the Canberra’s layout and intentional design as well as the beauty of both the old and new parliament houses. A big ‘thank you’ to Trisha for a magical day.

The next day Lynne and I were on a flight to Honolulu. I was back in Kona a day later and I’ve been totally consumed in a strategic planning session with our Information Tech lady. Planning in Kona is a special event with the inspiration of working outdoors and sunsets off my balcony.

I am beyond excited. Wonderful things are in the offing for the next year. I am planning a series of new webinars, my meditation CD and music will soon be in downloadable form, the release of Wisdom’s Way and much much more.

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