Forever Listening

As you know, I have been practicing listening and expanding my listening skills for many years now. In fact my study of listening began some 25 years ago when I started to realize what a ‘sketchy’ listener I was. What I mean by ‘sketchy’ is how much and how often I would drift in and out of the conversation losing words, phrases and even sentences as the other person was communicating with me.

Wondrously, after years of practice and teaching listening skills, Listening is still my master teacher and I am still her humble student. It seems to me that her treasure chest of riches is ever replenished by the flow of daily life. Family and friends, the people that I meet and those that I work with always provide a new source of opportunities to enrich my listening skills. So it is probable that I shall mentor under Listening and continue to learn from her for a lifetime.

Yesterday I discovered another secret about listening from Frances Chen. Watch the video to discover the new insight I received.

Thank you, Frances, for expanding my study of listening!

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