Say YES to Life!

I was at the airport with Jocelyn Pratt yesterday – on our way to do a seminar on another island. We were in the middle of a ‘Starbucks moment’ when Jocelyn looked up and recognized the man at the table next to us.

He was Hannibal Means a gifted opera singer and performer from ‘Americas Got Talent’ sitting at the next table. Suddenly everyone in the direct area recognized him and people were jumping up to take photos.

We were on the same flight so after a bunch of photo shoots with various people, Hannibal, Jocelyn and I had almost a full hour together. He had just arrived from Australia and he was taking a few days to rest before doing a five program in Kauai.

Although not Hawaiian, Hannibal has the heart of Aloha. It was a connection out of time… magical, fun and joy filled.

I finally asked the $5 million dollar question I always ask, “So what is your secret to a happy life, Hannibal?”

“It was simple,” he said. “Just say YES to life.”

What a zinger…. I have always said, “Life works, if you will only get out of the way and let it.” So I added a new one.

“Just say YES to life. Go with the flow; life works if you will just get out of the way and let it. Listen with your heart. Say a thousand-fold YES and embrace life for it is yours and yours alone to live!”

So here is my fabulous 5 for the day in list form to make it easier to integrate into your life today:

  1. Go with the flow. (If you notice resistance, take a deep breath and let it go!)
  2. Life works!
  3. Listen with your heart.
  4. Say a hearty YES to whatever comes your way.
  5. And enjoy the journey for it belongs to only you!

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