Turning Intention into Action

In the summer of 2010, three principals from Melbourne, Australia approached me to ask for training in my anti-bullying program. They requested a train the trainer program saying that they wanted to deliver the curriculum to their students.

After much discussion, a hundred e-mails back and forth with Lynne (my business partner), and a series of dialogues as to the where, when, what and how of it the date was set. It was decided that we would do it in the islands and the stage was set.

They arrived over the weekend and the 6 and a half day program commences today. John Faulkner came in on Saturday with his wife, Jill. Louise and Erin arrived on Sunday.

This is an exciting event as up until now I have done all Australian training in Australia. This is the first time I am hosting Aussies to Hawaii to take a training program.

Aloha to the determined team of three!

I have to admit, it was amazing to observe the power of the team’s intention as it was turned into action! They asked for the training, stuck with their decision, followed through with all the paper work and planning, and are now in the islands ready to begin!

I’ll keep you posted as the journey unfolds!

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