Every Child is Your Own

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend 8 days with Barbara Watterston, the Deputy Executive Director at Centre for Strategic Education, at my home in Hawaii. And we were talking about teachers and education, specifically the child in your classroom.

To cut to the chase, we spoke of keeping the perspective of treating every child in the room as your own. When a child has pushed you to your wits end or you get frustrated or upset with a child ask yourself these three questions:

  1. How would I want another teacher to treat this child if he or she was my son or daughter?
  2. How would I treat this child if he/she were my very own son or daughter?
  3. What can I do right now to express my caring and concern for this child?

Then take a deep breath, count to 3, and reach into your authentic heart to communicate.

Remember the research! Harsh consequences cause rebellion. While compassionate, caring consequences reach the heart of the child and help the young person to learn!

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