How Many – How Long?

I have been raising the flag on bullying for some time now.

I’ve been calling for reform.

How many students must we lose before we raise our heads and confront the elephant in the room? And how long will we wait before we shake off the torpor and rise to the challenge before us?

In the last six weeks the United States alone lost four young people to the torments and taunting of their peers.

  • Seth Walsh a thirteen year old from California hung himself from a tree in the families’ back yard. He was taunted for being gay.
  • Asher Brown a thirteen year old from Texas shot himself in the head. He was taunted by four other students for being gay.
  • Billy Lucas, a fifteen year old from Greensburg, Indiana hanged himself in his grandmother’s barn. His tormenters questioned his sexual orientation.
  • Tyler Clementi a freshman at Rutgers University jumped from the George Washington Bridge. His roommate streamed a live video of him in an intimate encounter with another male student.

And these are the only ones that reached the headlines. And this is only the U. S.. But I would venture to say that this is only the tip of the iceberg worldwide.

How many more must we lose? How long will we wait?

For these parents, we have already lost too many and we have already waited too long.

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