A Must See – Joel Burns on Bullying

I am currently working in two >schools with anti-bullying programs. And I have just received a call to speak on bullying and cyber-bullying in the schools on a radio broadcast.

I have been working in schools with my anti-bullying program for over 10 years now. And I recently wrote a post entitled, How Many – How Long? Yet bullying continues to escalate everywhere and by every means – both in person and in cyberspace.

I caught this on MSNBC last night and I was moved to tears. I knew then that I had to share it with you.

Joel Burns is to the point. His plea to the children is poignant. Bullying has reached a tipping point. We adults must take a stand against it. We must talk to our children and speak to the youth in schools.

Together we can start a movement. Let us hear your voices now, for the sake of all children everywhere. Joel Burns

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