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I have been consumed over the past few years with new technologies, new training processes and new ways of thinking.  The very first step in that process was the starting of this blog.  So 18 months ago the first blog was launched, then it got a new look with a migration to a new platform and just recently the blog was upgraded to this new version.  I am still really excited by the colours and the new look and feel.

The second step in this new thinking process was the taping of my first eSeminar.  I remember vividly sitting in an office in Melbourne Australia with David, one of my business partners, to do the very first one.  Wow, what a learning curve.

The biggest problem I faced wasn’t the technology, or the material or the delivery, it was rebuilding my neural pathways to get my head around the delivery format from a sitting position.  If you have been with me in face-to-face training you will understand the energy change sitting in front of a camera and keeping it all on a small screen created.

Well that first eSeminar lead to another, then another and then another.  I am up to 6 now I think. The Elves are still putting the finishing touches on the final pieces so they should be available soon.

But the first is ready to go, well ready enough for me to declare it launched – even if the Elves are scrambling around in the background with sticky tape and string.

I want you to have the first chance to see the Listening eSeminar.

This is a small introductory piece that I did to promote the eSeminar.

For a really short limited time as a blog reader you can get the entire eSeminar for free. You just need to click through this button and complete the form.

This offer is only available until 15 September 2010, after that time the eSeminar will cost $39.95 per person.  Right now you can get it for free.

As I get better at this stuff the process will be a little more automated, but at the moment I need the Elves in the middle.

Let me know what you think once you have watched the eSeminar.

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