The Legendary Gang of Five

The Gang of Five has become a legendary favorite of VIEU. Every time I do a workshop at VIEU the gang swoops in early to share hugs, stories, storyboards and exchange life updates with me.

They take the entire back row in the training room, share storyboard notes as the program progresses and engage 110% in everything that is going on.

And how did they come by their name? Susan, who puts all the logistics together for the seminars and prepares the roll call list for the day, told me she had an easy way of identifying them.”I call them the Gang of Five,” she said jubilantly,”And they are all going to be here today.”

That day was August 3rd. It was the first program I was to do since my August arrival in Australia. And sure enough, 35 minutes before the opening of the day, the illustrious five descended on the room in full regalia, excited, anticipating another great day, capture and rearranging their territory to suit their creature comfort needs in the back row.

So I’m putting out a call to the Infamous Gang of Five…

Please connect with me because I would love a copy of the photo you shared with me in class… I’d like a copy for myself and I’d like to share it with others…

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