The Gang of Five Responds!

The Illustrious Gang of 5 found me… How cool is this hyper-connected and wonderful world that I can think out loud on a blog and straight away the beautiful Donna and Antonella send me an email. So here’s the scoop.

These five ladies are from the St. Paul Apostle North School Endeavor Hills in Victoria Australia.

The Gang of 5 consciously keeps the training alive in the field.  The ‘field’ is the field of life where we put into practice what has been learned in the training room. Each member of the team, in their own way, carries the flame of inspiration and energy to their students and the entire campus.  I call it intentional positivity”.

This photo shows you that energy

L to R: Lisa Bonner, Donna Evans, me, Antonella Gray and Barbara Miciuk – Karen Unwin is missing in this photo

Keep up the good work ladies!  Thank you for who you are!

Being intentionally positive works!

You remind me of a saying from Margaret Mead, “A small group of thoughtful (and inspired) people can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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