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The Gang of Five Responds!

The Illustrious Gang of 5 found me… How cool is this hyper-connected and wonderful world that I can think out loud on a blog and straight away the beautiful Donna and Antonella send me an email. So here’s the scoop. These five ladies are from the St. Paul Apostle North School Endeavor Hills in Victoria […]

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The Farrington Team

A great big THANK YOU to Laurie Leuczak for her support during the day and to the entire team of 9th Grade Farrington Teachers.  From your sharing, it sounded as if you had a great kick off to the year utilizing the IQ, EQ, SQ activities from the 9th Grade manual and the Breaking Out […]

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Networking Activity

While I was teaching and speaking in Australia, many of you expressed an interest in a specific activity that I designed to enhance social networking in any group. I almost always use this activity because everyone enjoys it and it gives everyone a chance to expand their thinking on any given subject. I tend to […]

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The Legendary Gang of Five

The Gang of Five has become a legendary favorite of VIEU. Every time I do a workshop at VIEU the gang swoops in early to share hugs, stories, storyboards and exchange life updates with me. They take the entire back row in the training room, share storyboard notes as the program progresses and engage 110% in everything that […]

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August in Australia

I was reflecting about 5 days ago as I kicked back and relaxed on my flight from Canberra back to Melbourne. For 9 years Lynne and I have been coming to Australia, yet this tour has been one of the most amazing and exhilarating ever. Relationships are everything! It is what invigorates me and brings joy […]

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Storyboard Template

For many years now I have been using Storyboards in my training sessions. Lots of people have asked for the template to use in your classroom, so here is it These are the instructions on how to use them Storyboard Uses This is the template that is good for Middle and High School students to […]

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Thank you to the Elves

If you read my blog in a feedreader you will have missed the beautiful new website design I launched this week.  Head on over to the blog and check it out.  Just click here to come and see for yourself. A big huge thank you for the elves that have been working around the clock […]

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