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Over the past few years I have been presenting a 3-Day Women in Leadership workshop for the Centre for Strategic Education (CSE).  During the years of delivering the program I have come to meet some amazing female school leaders.  Each group of women that I have worked with has reminded me of the great resource women are to all educational communities. Women bring such a unique and wonderful model of leadership to a school.

During my May 2010 Australian Tour I was able to collect the final version of a book produced by the CSE on Women in School Leadership. I had read early manuscripts of the book, but to actually have the final version was a true gift.  The book compiles the stories of 12 inspirational female school leaders.  It is a must read for all those who wish to move up and expand their leadership, not just women. Within the covers lies a template for leadership success shared by women who have walked the path themselves.

I recommend the book to you – Women in School Leadership: Journeys to Success

You can buy the book directly from the CSE via this link

This is a short video that introduces the book:

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