Why Intervention?

Why do we have so many intervention programs cropping up around the globe? Including the one I deliver.

Intervention on rumors… intervention on isolation and bullying… intervention on taunting… intervention on internet harassment… intervention on ‘sexting’…

Why are our students so dissatisfied that they are taking out their angst on other students?

I believe it is because we have somehow missed the point.  And what’s the point?

The point is P3purposeful prevention programs. These are programs based on and directed towards the whole child.  These are programs that inspire the mind and heart, increase curiosity, and involve students in the solutions.  These are programs that balance IQ training with emotional and social skill training.  These are programs that deliver methods and strategies so that students can achieve their dreams.

Many of the professions our students will be engaging in during their careers do not exist today.  We cannot fit our students for a time and a set of trades that we don’t even know about nor understand.

But we can encourage their intellectual endeavors, model and teach emotional well-being and self-control.  We can help them increase their awareness of who they are.  We can help them discover their gifts and talents.

It’s about time, don’t you think?

Maybe someday intervention programs will become an historical relic.

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