The iPad – Changing the Learning Game

Steven Jobs has changed the landscape one more time (and I’m not talking about the iPhone – that’s one more to his never-ending list)!

Could I be more pleased with the iPad? While it’s still missing a few things such as a camera and the ability to see flash video, all in all, it’s hot!

I swore I was not going to get one of the first releases. I was intent on delaying gratification! Then I went to get my hair done and my hair dresser was scheduling appointments over the phone onto his iPad calendar. “You mean you don’t have one,” he quietly admonished. “I thought you were the Apple techie nerd!”

OMG, could he be so unabashed? It was an open challenge to my rightful position as the female Apple nerd of the community.  It was over.  To delay gratification was to lose my role as being ahead of the curve.  Immediately after the hair do, I went to the Apple store and bought my iPad.

I’ve been lost in iPad heaven for the past six weeks.  It’s an unending source of learning and expansion.  I’ve become a student again.  I discover something new every single day… from note taking in an executive meeting to playing with storyboard picture mats…

I’ve re-read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and Ben Franklin’s Autobiography. Now I’m onto Grimm’s Fairy Tales and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.  All of these classics are free from the Project Gutenberg archives.

And then there’s Scrabble, Bejeweled, mind-mapping, photo editing, the BBC News and more. Just when you think you’re stymied, along comes another app that will help you do exactly what you need!

My dear friend, Doug, the #1 tech nerd in my universe, said that he had only turned his laptop on twice since he started using his iPad.  And he got his two weeks earlier than did!

And what’s the point?

Why am I waxing so eloquent?

Because I believe that the iPad is about to revolutionize education! It would do well in every classroom in the world!

It’s fast, half the price of a computer, lighter than the net book and the look and feel is smooth!

I’m sure the kids who have one already, love it… you can surf the net, get onto Facebook, play games with others in distant places and more.

Soon textbooks will be coming out on it, moving us closer to a paperless world where trees get to live and we get to read, write, draw, and play without a paper footprint!

If you haven’t already done so, check it out!

And all of this being said the day after the new iPhone was released to the world! Kudos to you and your team, Steve Jobs, a job (no pun intended) well done! Education and learning has never been so fun and it’s getting better all the time!!

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