Congratulations HSFCU!

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union was voted one of the top 10 companies to work for in Hawaii.

Yea and Congratulationswhat an honor!

As schools and organizations take on the goal of transformation it is wonderful to learn of organizations who have gone through the process of change and renewal.

Organizational transformation is based on individual transformation. And it takes a high level of emotional and social awareness or ‘literacy’ on the part of leaders and their teams to make the work environment a safe and exciting place for everyone. This requires a willingness on the part of leaders to improve their communication skills, coaching skills, and their all around IQEQSQ competencies.

I spent 4 years working with different departments and teams within HSFCU. The goal was to move the organization from the traditional or mechanical model of business to the New Paradigm or the Human Side of Enterprise. The arrow represents the changes that were achieved during that time.

I have been and still am engaged with leaders in various industries including the educational sector, to transform their organizations. This means dissolving silos, engaging teams in cross functional projects and assisting leaders in increasing their Emotional and social skill sets.

The neuro-science research is research invaluable in accelerating the changes that leaders are capable of making. If leaders want to change, what used to take 4 years, might take 2 1/2 today. I look forward to sharing some of the latest research in my coming blogs.

For now, congratulations HSFCU… a job well done!

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