Classroom Lesson for Teaching Respect

Now that I have defined Respect and provided the introduction to a classroom discussion let’s put some rubber to the road and build a lesson plan.

When teaching values or character skills to young people you need to remind yourself about the comfort zone.  Every individual has a zone of habits where they are comfortable, if we stretch this comfort zone too far the student will shutdown emotionally and not take in the lesson. If the step is to small the student might get bored and again zone-out of the lesson.

With the comfort zone in mind, this lesson is designed to allow the student to express some feelings without the need to exhibit their feelings to the entire class.

Materials You Need:

  1. Colored Paper
  2. Pens or Pencils
  3. Scissors
  4. Writing Paper

Classroom Discussion:

Use the definition I posted earlier this week and the explanation that I provided for your middle years students to begin a full class discussion on Respect.  Take a pop culture figure relevant to your students, maybe singer or an actor.  Have the group define why this person should or shouldn’t be Respected.

Ensure that you conclude the discussion with a link to the Social Qualities (SQ) attributes of a kind and caring human being.

Small Group Activity:

Now that the group discussion has provided a model for the students to follow, ask students to pick a person in their family that they really respect, someone that is a role model for them.  What qualities does this person exhibit?  Why do they respect this person?  Ask each student to write 3 or 4 things they respect about this person.

Then ask the students to form groups of 3 or 4 to share their thoughts with the others.

Conclude the activity by giving the students coloured pens or pencils, coloured paper and scissors.  Have them draw and cut out a star that represents the person that they respect. Then put that person’s name in the center of the star. Have each student also sign their name below their star. Make a bulletin board of the stars in your students’ lives.

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