My lack of activity in the blog for the past few weeks is directly linked to the hard work I have been putting into my first eSeminars.  My learning curve has been steep and I have certainly been stretching my Comfort Zone as I embrace this new training medium.

Back in November 2009 I locked myself away with Lynne and David to develop the eSeminar plan.  I agreed to a big schedule, little did I really know how big a schedule I had agreed to until I was in the middle of producing the programs.

I see the movement of my work to this new remote training model as the biggest and most exciting step for me from the past few years.  I am really just starting to understand the power of remote training and how I can transfer my message to this new medium.

I guess that you too might be wondering about this whole eLearning thing and that I am doing.  Each of my eSeminars is something like 30-45 minutes of video and audio.  Once you are registered I email the notes, handouts and worksheets before the eSeminar is made available.  In some of the eSeminars you will also need to have completed some activities before the session begins, in others we will work through the activities together.  Then I send the link to the video and audio component.  You can watch the video or listen to the audio as many times as you like.  You can even start and stop the video or watch from home, school or your iPhone on the bus if you like.

As I get my head around the whole eSeminar modules I will even do some live events, you get the link and phone number and a designated time. Then you log in and get to see me, hear me, ask me questions as we work through a topic together.  The whole thing is recorded and you can watch it again later, or even just the bit that you want to review.

This is the introduction to my first eSeminar – Strategic Listening.  The actual complete eSeminar will be released next week.

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