Why Emotional & Social Literacy?

I am calling for a more thorough integrated emotional and social literacy program throughout our schools. If I’m driving the point home too much, it’s because the depth of the human condition and the unspoken code of US vs Them is deep in the human psyche.

We see it everywhere. It’s in our homes; the divorce rate is nearly 50% or maybe a bit more now. It’s in our communities; the drug and alcohol abuse rate is reaching extremes. It’s in our schools; bullying and cyber-bullying has reached peak proportions. It fills the front pages of our papers.

My work in the business sector is called , the human side of enterprise. Businesses require a full comprehensive approach to the people and human side of organizational effectiveness. And this is for the adult level! Emotional and social literacy are at the heart of design for such organizations. It includes such things as: self-awareness, communication skills, leadership and coaching skills etc.

I think we need a “start early, keep going and stay late” approach to emotional and social literacy in our schools. It’s about time to face the need head on and design a comprehensive approach that has a deep and long lasting effect into adulthood. Maybe then our stats will change and maybe then we will see a positive difference in our societies.

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