Right Vs Wrong in Leadership

This unspoken ancient code of right Vs wrong also wreaks havoc in leadership positions. When ego positioning occurs in an organization or department, it is sure to tear at the fabric of mutual respect and collaboration.

Research shows that the most successful organizations are those that build a culture of ‘constructive conflict’. This takes a high degree of emotional and social literacy. In such a community conflict becomes an opportunity for proactive positive engagement.

Here players handle conflict in a three tiered manner. Members only move from the first tier to the second and the second to the third if the conflict is not handled and dissolved at each previous level.

Level 1. Naturally, misunderstandings happen within departments and organizations. Level 1, takes self-reflection and emotional awareness. Ask team members to start with a self-coaching session. Invite them to consider the conflict from all aspects. Is it emotional or ego positioning on their part? Or is their a deeper misunderstanding that requires a discussion with the other party.

Level 2. Open dialogue and discussion with the other party involved will usually clear the air. This is where emotional and social literacy take front and center stage. Listen to the thoughts and feelings of the other person. Express divergent points of view with dignity, not defensiveness. Invite people to clear the misunderstanding in the light of the goals and objectives of the department or organization.

Level 3. Most of the time conflict will be resolved at the first two levels. If the conflict is not resolved there it is usually because it pertains to policies, principles or strategies and needs to be aired with the team it affects.

Always be willing to listen to your constituents and teach everyone in the organization to do the same. Remember that the goal with any conflict is productive resolution. This is a resolution that moves the members forward and furthers the goals and objectives of the entire organization and/or department.

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