How Can We Turn Our Back?

I was more than deeply disturbed at the story that surfaced months ago about Phoebe Prince, 15, who committed suicide in January due to bullying of epic proportions. Maybe heartbroken, stomach wrenching, sad, horrified that anything could come to this… maybe these feelings more closely approximate my reactions. Yet even these words belie the feelings in my heart of hearts.

I agonize for the parents. I agonize for the child who left our world in torment, thinking there was no other way out. I agonize for those that didn’t hear or respond to the cries of a child’s desperate need. I agonize for the schools who have these issues and the teachers and principals who face these issues daily. And I agonize for a system that has gone awry.

I feel as if I’ve been a voice in the wilderness calling for emotional and social literacy reform in the schools forever. But this blog is not about me. It’s about an issue so deep that It has become systemic. And maybe its deeper than that. Maybe it is about the health or lack of health of our humanity at its very core.

How many more children will be sacrificed? What does it take for all of us to wake up? Please follow this story and see if you can stand aside.

Every child is our child.

I am so sorry we lost this one.

Teachers please read this article, and parents too if you think your child might be being bullied

I am not the only voice calling for reform, this article also calls for Bullying+expert+says+Massachusetts+school+didn’t+follow+advice” target=”_blank”>action, but I want the reform to be deeper then policies and procedures.

Human beings are emotional social beings. If they are not getting emotional and social education, then we need to provide it. Let’s get to the heart of the matter that is ailing our children and then support this work with viable policies and procedures.


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