When Fast is Slow

Leadership is about using your head, feeling with your heart and connecting with your team. If you want to build a sustainable organization resilient enough to meet the challenges of change in a timely manner, you have to develop your SQ competencies.

Fast is slow when:

  1. A team member has an idea and you’re in too much of a hurry to listen.
  2. You make all of the improvement decisions.
  3. You pass someone in the hall (anyone) and don’t say hello or at least acknowledge them with a smile.
  4. You give a short answer when a longer one is needed or vice versa – you give a long answer when a short answer would do. (Know your audience!)
  5. You engage in the Kaizen process alone.

Why is fast slow in these cases? Because each situation requires damage control which takes time. People want to feel that they make a difference and in each of these cases they went away wondering.

Don’t ever leave a person wondering. Remember, the human brain is hardwired to connect with others. Relationship is everything. Students, teachers, principals and business leaders can develop their Social Intelligence or SQ competencies. SQ saves time and energy in all human relationship connections and in our professional lives.

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