If IQ Wasn’t the Determining Factor

Here is the question for today – If IQ is the determining factor to success as governments around the world keep telling us with their standardised tests, then why are the senior corporate ranks around the world dominated by men?

Study after study of education systems show us that girls perform better than boys.  The recent PISA 2006 study shows that girls are outperforming boys on almost every academic trait measured in that year.  Anecdotal evidence from the teachers that I meet around the world tells me that boys are not as engaged as girls.

I personally know that EQ and SQ are essential to success.  I don’t have the empirical research, but my gut tells me that girls have stronger EQ and SQ skills than boys whilst at school.

So what happens to the brightest, most talented cohort between the ages of 15 years and 35 years that ends up with so few less women in senior corporate ranks than men?

Maybe I am using the wrong measure.  Maybe I should be comparing the brightest 15 year olds to the happiest 35 year olds, or the 40 year old with the most friends…

Just maybe I have the measure wrong, just maybe the Governments that are testing and testing and testing students IQ’s have the wrong measure.  Maybe we need to measure the balance of a student across IQ, EQ, SQ.

Maybe the success, satisfaction and happiness of anyone individual is not based on their personal IQ, EQ, SQ but that of their family, their teacher, their principal and their school community.

It is hard to add all three domains into the picture of school success.  But are the measures of school success without them really relevant?

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