Creating a Culture of Caring

Creating a culture of caring is no small task. It takes intention, involvement and attention to detail. It takes commitment and willingness to take risks. You have to be willing to assert yourself, listen to your stakeholders, make mistakes, assess those mistakes and course correct.

It’s like climbing a mountain. When you looking up at the high peaks and pinnacles before you begin, it looks like a monumental climb, an overwhelming feat, an impossible objective. If you see the undertaking as one huge burgeoning endeavor, you can become overwhelmed before you start.

Maybe this is why so few schools set out to take the challenge. Maybe this is why so many organizational executives cringe at the thought. And maybe this is why so many set out with the best of intentions but give in or give up before they reach the summit.

I worked with the Royal Canadian Bank in Canada and they were looking across a terrain of 15 years to create the culture they envisioned. But they had a staff of 2,000 people. And they were spread from shore to shore – Vancouver to the coast of Newfoundland.

Smaller organizations and schools take less time. But they still require a clear sense of mission, a vision of what they want, involvement of each of the stakeholder groups, and attention to the details on a daily basis.

Is it hard? Probably…. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Can it be done? Unreservedly and unequivocally YES!

I’ve staked my 35 years of professional work on it. I call it the Human Side of Enterprise. And I’ve guided many a school and organization in making the transformation over the years.

In the coming months, I’ll revisit this subject with specific achievable strategies and steps you can utilize to create a culture of greater caring in your organization or school.

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